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34:1-4 Oikos: Households in Focus
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
From the Guest Editor John Kim
The Oikos and the Wineskins David Anthony
God's Kingdom as Oikos Church Networks: A Biblical Theology David S. Lim
Spiritual Oikos: A Kingdom Perspective on Ecclesial Identity John Kim
The Household of God: Paul's Missiology and the Nature of the Church Kevin Higgins
Family, the Fifth Commandment, and Culture H. L. Richard
Mandali (Fellowships): Bharati on Bhakta Expressions of Ekklesia J. Paul Pennington
Muslim Insider Christ Followers: General Observations on Movements Jan Hendrik Prenger
Bringing the Kingdom of God to the Japanese Business World: A Reproducing Social Cycle Mitsuo Fukuda
Mission Narratives That Prevent Buddhists from Finding Christ within Their Oikos Jens Bernhard
A Christology for Frontier Mission: A Missiological Study of Colossians Brad Gill
Majority World Theological Development: A Role for the University? Kevin Higgins
Book Reviews H. L. Richard, Gene Daniels, Larry W. Caldwell
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

33:4 Frontier Theologizing
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Prospects for Indigenous People Movements in the Buddhist World: A Call for Collaborative Local and Global Theologizing Todd Pokrifka
From Mozambique to Millennials: Shame, Frontier Peoples, and the Search for Open Atonement Paths Alan B. Howell and Logan T. Thompson
A Reflection on Insider Movements in Korean Church History John Kim
The Early Church in China: A Case Study of an Insider Movement David G. Cashin
Book Reviews Darren Duerksen, Harley Talman
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

33:3 What We Carry
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Starting Points: Approaching the Frontier Missiological Task Bradford Greer
Joyful Witness: An Excerpt on Muslim-Christian Attachment Evelyne A. Reisacher
A Response to: "Is Muhammad Also Among the Prophets?" John Azumah and Harley Talman
"Is Muhammad Also Among the Prophets?": A Second Response to Harley Talman Ayman Ibrahim and Harley Talman
Book Reviews H. L. Richard, Fred Farrokh
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

33:2 Unreached
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Defining "Unreached": A Short History Dave Datema
Editorial Reflections: The Unfortunate Unmarketability of "Unincorporable" Brad Gill
An Evaluation of Church Growth Paul G. Hiebert
Book Reviews Jonathan Bornman, Darren Duerksen
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

33:1 The Use of History
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Aspects of the Role of History in Missiology Dwight P. Baker
Speaking of God in Sanskrit-Derived Vocabularies H. L. Richard
A Post-3/11 Paradigm for Mission in Japan Hiroko Yoshimoto et al.
Essential Frontier Missiology: Its Emergence and Flourishing Future Steve Hawthorne
Book Reviews Timothy Shultz, Brad Gill
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

32:4 Linking Missiology
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Letting Africa Speak: Exploring the Analogy of African-Initiated Churches and Insider Movements Gene Daniels and Stan Nussbaum
Cultivating Reticence: The Supportive Role of the Alongsider in Hindu Ministry H. L. Richard
Contextualizing Ancestor Veneration: A Theological Survey and Practical Steps for Implementation David S. Lim
Jesus in African Culture: A Ghanaian Perspective on Ancestors Kwame Bediako
Responses to Harley Talman's "Is Muhammad Also among the Prophets?" Ayman Ibrahim, Harley Talman
Book Reviews Brad Gill, H. L. Richard
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

32:3 Asian Thresholds
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Contextualizing Ancestor Veneration: An Historical Review David S. Lim
The Ancestral Rite in Korea: Its Significance and Contextualization from an Evangelical Perspective Paul Mantae Kim
Christian Encouragement for Following Jesus in Non-Christian Ways: An Indian Case Study J. Paul Pennington
ASFM 2015 Report ASFM 2015 Report
Let the Prince Kiss the Bride: Functioning as Best Man Mitsuo Fukuda
Community vs. Belief: Respecting Cultural Belonging in Evangelism Herbert Hoefer
Book Reviews Michael Pocock, H. L. Richard
Editorial Reflections Brad Gill

32:2 Debating Insiderness
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
The Cultural Insider, Theological Outsider (CITO): A Conversation with Abu Jaz IJFM Staff
Will the Umma Veto SITO? Assessing the Impact of Theological Deviation on Social Acceptability in Muslim Communities Fred Farrokh
God's Kingdom Advance is Stronger than Human Veto: A Response to Fred Farrokh & A Response to L. D. Waterman L. D. Waterman, Fred Farrokh
The Complexity of Insiderness Warrick Farah
Why Cultures Matter Miriam Adeney
A Response to Miriam Adeney Gene Daniels
Book Reviews (Crossing the Bay of Bengal: The Furies of Nature and the Fortunes of Migrants) Michael Rynkeiwich
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

32:1 Recasting Evangelization
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Will the Earth Hear His Voice? Is Ralph D. Winter's Idea Still Valid? Greg H. Parsons
Other Backward Castes (OBCs): The World's Largest Megabloc of UPGs Yashwant Koli
Ethnicity, Kinship, Religion and Territory: Identifying Communities in South Asia Mark Pickett
Fruitful Practices in Sub-Saharan Muslim Africa: Some Recent Research Findings Gene Daniels
Building a Better Bridge: A Quest for Blessing in an African Folk Islamic Context Alan Howell
Book Reviews (Ecclesial Identities in a Multi-Faith Context: Jesus Truth-Gatherings (Yeshu Satsangs) among Hindus and Sikhs in Northwest India) Darren Duerksen
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

31:4 Muhammad
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Is Muhammad Also Among the Prophets? Harley Talman
Towards a Theology of Islam: A Response to Harley Talman Martin Accad
From Prophethood to the Gospel: Talking to Folk Muslims about Jesus Perry Pennington
Middle East Consultation 2014: The Challenges of Following Jesus in the Middle East and North Africa
Religious Syncretism as a Syncretistic Concept: The Inadequacy of the ďWorld ReligionsĒ
Paradigm in Cross-Cultural Encounter
H. L. Richard
Book Reviews (Song of the Heart) Darren Duerksen
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

31:3 The Elusive Nomad
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Consider the Nomad: A Felt-Needs Approach Caleb Rome
God and the Nomads: Highlighting the Biblical Narrative Malcolm Hunter
On the Road with Nomads in Central Asia: A Page out of My Journal S. Clement
The People of the Cornstalk Rowland V. Bingham
Orality Comes of Age: The Maturation of a Movement Tom Steffen
LIFE Scale: Exploring Eight Dimensions of Life in Christ L. D. Waterman
Book Reviews (Grassroots Asian Theology: Thinking the Faith from the Ground Up) Patrick Krayer
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

31:2 Stewarding Legacies in Mission
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
The Legacy of Donald McGavran: A Forum IJFM Editorial Team
The Theory of Practice: Reflections on Donald McGavran Charles H. Kraft
The Missiological Vision of J. H. Bavinck: Religion, Reticence, and Contextual Theology H. L. Richard
A Genius for God: Ralph Winter's Recasting of World Evangelization Harold Fickett
Global Cooperation and the Dynamic of Frontier Missiology Brad Gill
Book Reviews (Christianity in India: From Beginnings to the Present) H. L. Richard
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

31:1 - Culture and Conscience
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Biblical Absolutes and Cultural Variation T. Wayne Dye
Cultural Variation in Conscience: Part of God's Design Sally Folger Dye
At Table in the Idol's Temple? Local Theology, Idolatry, and Identification in 1 Corinthians 8-10 Kevin Higgins
The Triune God and the Plethora of Religions: The Holy Spirit in Mission Scott W. Sunquist
Editorial Reflections IJFM Staff
Book Reviews (Religious Transactions in Colonial South India: Language, Translation and the Making of Protestant Identity) H. L. Richard
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

30:4 - Understanding Movements
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Seeing Inside Insider Missiology: Exploring our Theological Lenses and Presuppositions Leonard N. Bartlotti
Sixteen Features of Belief and Practice in Two Movements among Muslims in Eastern Africa: What Does the Data Say? Ben Naja
Roles of "Alongsiders" in Insider Movements: Contemporary Examples and Biblical Reflections John Jay and Anna Travis
Contemporary Departures from Traditional Christianity in Cross-Cultural Situations: A Melanesian Ethnohistorical Case Study Alan R. Tippett
Book Reviews (A Wind in the House of Islam, No Continuing City) Bradford Greer, Glenn Schwartz
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

30:3 - ISFM 2013: Dancing with Diaspora
From the Editor's Desk Brad Gill
Mission from the Diaspora Chong H. Kim
Mission in ďthe Present TimeĒ: What about the People in Diaspora? Michael A. Rynkiewich
Looking for the ďSocial GlueĒ: A Response to Michael Rynkiewich Alan McMahan
Western Agency, Meet the Diaspora John Baxter
Editorial Reflections
Book Reviews H. L. Richard
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

30:2 - Coming to Terms
From the Editor's Desk Brad Gill
The Old Testament and Insider Movements Harley Talman
Bridging the "Socio-Religious" Divide: A Conversation between Two Missiologists Gene Daniels and
L. D. Waterman

Two Church Planting Paradigms Ted Esler
Why Can't Evangelicals Agree? Clarifying Evangelical Responses to Insider Movements and Familial Language Translations Larry W. Caldwell
Book Reviews Harley Talman, H. L. Richard

30:1 - Conversion and Belonging
From the Editor's Desk Brad Gill
Living Out an ďIn ChristĒ Identity: Research and Reflections Related to Muslims
Who Have Come to Faith in Jesus Christ
David Greenlee
Emerging Missiological Themes in MBB Conversion Factors Warrick Farah
Heart Allegiance and Negotiated Identity Eric Adams
A Jesus Movement Among Muslims: Research from Eastern Africa Ben Naja
Power and Pride: A Critical Contextual Approach to Hui Muslims in China Enoch Jinsik Kim
Book Reviews H. L. Richard, Duane Alexander Miller Botero
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

 29:4 - ISFM 2012: Still an Exotic?
From the Editor's Desk Brad Gill
Must Insiders Be Churchless? Exploring Insiders' Models of "Church" Darren Duerksen
Respecting Context: A Comparison of Indonesia and the Middle East Richard Jameson
Syncretism in a Hindu Insider Movement: K. Subba Rao's Legacy H. L. Richard
Money and Mission in the Buddhist World: A Review of 100 Years since Roland Allen Paul H. De Neui
Missionary Facilitation of New Movements to Christ: A Study of 19th Century and Early 20th Century China Richard Hibbert
Book Reviews Brad Gill
In Others' Words IJFM Staff

29:3 - Missiology En Route
From the Editor's Desk Brad Gill
Part II: Reconsidering Our Biblical Roots: Bible Interpretation, the Apostle Paul and Mission Today Larry W. Caldwell
An Enduring Legacy: Reflections on the Contribution of Western Protestant Missions from a Frontier Mission Perspective David Taylor
Turning it Beautiful: Divination, Discernment and a Theology of Suffering Alan Howell
Growth Amidst Persecution: A Comparison of the Evangelical Church in Communist China and the Soviet Union John E. White
Book Reviews Karl J. Franklin, H. L. Richard
In Others' Words

29:2 - Scripture in Context
From the Editor's Desk Brad Gill
A Further Look at Translating "Son of God" Michael LeFebvre and Basheer Abdulfadi
Living Letters: The Arabic Script as a Redemptive Bridge in Reaching Muslims Murray Decker and Abdu Injiiru
Bible Translation and Small Languages in the Pacific: Ten Years Later Karl J. Franklin
Part I: Reconsidering Our Biblical Roots: Bible Interpretation, the Apostle Paul and Mission Today Larry W. Caldwell
Book Reviews Brad Gill, Bradford Greer
In Others' Words

29:1 - Interpreting Religion
From the Editor's Desk Brad Gill
Evangelical Missiology and Theology of Religions: An Agenda for the Future Harold Netland
Religious Demography and Mission Strategy Todd M. Johnson and Albert W. Hickman
Spirit House: The Practice of Rean Theivoda in Cambodia Daniel Shinjong Baeq
Book Reviews: Doug Coleman Responds to Bradford Greer  Doug Coleman
In Others' Words

28:4 - Religion and Identity
From the Editor's Desk Brad Gill
Caste, Christianity, and Cross-Cultural Evangelism Revisited N. J. Gnaniah
The Virgin of Guadalupe: A Study of Socio-Religious Identity Allen Yeh and Gabriela Olaguibel
Mission at the Intersection of Religion and Empire Martin Accad
Going Public with Faith in a Muslim Context: Lessons from Esther Jeff Nelson
Book Reviews (All)
Book Reviews (7 Books on Religion) H. L. Richard
Book Reviews (Doug Coleman's dissertation on Insider Movements Bradford Greer
In Others' Words

28:3 - The Terms of Translation
From the Editor's Desk Brad Gill
A New Look at Translating Familial Biblical Terms Rick Brown, Leith Gray and Andrea Gray
Translating Familial Biblical Terms: An Overview of the Issue Rick Brown, Leith Gray and Andrea Gray (Note: This abridged version of "A New Look at Translating Familial Biblical Terms" appeared in the January-February 2012 issue of Mission Frontiers magazine.)
A Brief Analysis of Filial and Paternal Terms in the Bible Rick Brown, Leith Gray, and Andrea Gray
When ďLiteralĒ is Inaccurate: A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Translating Scripture Meaningfully
Donna Toulmin
Ideological Challenges for Bible Translators, Roy E. Ciampa
Basic Principles and Procedures for Bible Translation, Forum of Bible Agencies International
Book Reviews
In Others' Words

28:2 - Kingdom and Church in Frontier Mission
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
The Kingdom of God and the Mission of God: Part 2 Rick Brown
Integral Mission and the New Mission Applicant Bradford Greer
Mission as Word and Deed: Transcending the Language of Priority Alan Johnson
How Do Cultures Really Change? A Challenge to the Conventional Culture Wisdom, Part 2 William Bjoraker
Sustaining Kingdom Advance: Discovering the Role of Church Movements T. S. John
Book Reviews
In Others' Words

28:1 - Kingdom Kaleidoscope and the Frontiers
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
The Kingdom of God and the Mission of God: Part 1 Rick Brown
How Do Cultures Really Change? A Challenge to the Conventional Culture Wisdom William Bjoraker
The Unshakable Anchor in a Shakable Globalizing World Bruce Graham
The Kingdom-Minded Apostle Brad Gill
A "Bazaar" Mission Strategy Gene Daniels
A Tribute to Hans Weerstra IJFM Editorial Staff
Book Reviews
In Others' Words

27:4 - The Globalization of the Frontiers
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Globalization, Christian Identity, and Frontier Missions Todd M. Johnson
ISFM 2010 Report: Contesting Ethnicity, Religion and Globalization Brad Gill
"Glocal" Japanese Self-Identity: A Missiological Perspective on Paradigmatic Shifts in Urban Tokyo Gary Fujino
A New Mission Tool in Creative Access Nations: Christian Virtual Community in China Enoch J. Kim
Diverse Voices: Hearing Scripture Speak in a Multicultural Movement Kevin Higgins
Contextualizing Religious Form and Meaning: A Missiological Interpretation of Naaman's Petitions (2 Kings 5:15-19) Daniel Shinjong Baeq
Book Reviews
In Others' Words

27:3 - Missionscape 2010: Tracks and Trajectories
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Tokyo 2010 and Edinburgh 2010: A Comparison of Two Centenary Conferences Allen Yeh
Missiology and the Measurement of Engagement: Personal Reflections on Tokyo Kevin Higgins
Refining Our Strategies for "Engaging" All Peoples Leonard N. Bartlotti
The Little Phone that Could: Mobile-Empowered Ministry Keith Williams and Leith Gray
(Also in French) Le petit tťlťphone susceptible de rťvolutionner le ministŤre Keith Williams and Leith Gray
Describing Fruitful Practices: Communication Methods L. R. Burke
The Antoc Story, Continued: The Role of Group Dynamics in Insider Movements John Kim
Book Reviews
In Others' Words

Volume 27:2 - "Glocal" Reflections from Southeast Asia
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Partnerships in Pauline Perspectives Christopher Little
The "Thinning" Revisited: Dependency and Church Planting in Cambodia Jean Johnson
Empowering Creativity: A Look at How We Discover and Recover Our Creative Selves Chong Kim
One-Way Missions in the Age of Global Christianity: A View from Thailand Edwin Zehner
Networks of Redemption: A Preliminary Statistical Analysis of Fruitfulness in Transformational and Attractional Approaches Andrea Gray, Leith Gray, Bob Fish, and Michael Baker
The Antoc Story, Continued: The Role of Group Dynamics in Insider Movements John Kim
Book Reviews
In Others' Words

Volume 27:1 - Echoes from an African Frontier
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
Towards Contextualized Creeds: A Perspective from Buddhist Thailand Larry Dinkins
Biblical Translation in Historical Context: The Changing Role of Cross-Cultural Workers Gilles Gravelle
Describing Fruitful Practices: Relating to Society Gene Daniels
Muslims Coming to Christ in Turkey James Bultema
Inside Out: Probing Presuppositions among Insider Movements Dick Brogden
The Integrity of the Gospel and Insider Movements Rebecca Lewis
Book Reviews
In Others' Words

Volume 26:4 - ISFM 2009: Best Practices in Frontier Mission
From the Editorís Desk Brad Gill
A Tale of Two ISFMs Brad Gill, Chong Kim
Stewards of Experience Leon Torkko, Laura and Eric Adams
Religious Conversion in Hindu India: The Complicated Case of Manilal C. Parekh Parimal Roy
Unpacking the Insider Paradigm: An Open Discussion on Points of Diversity H. L. Richard
Exploring the Process of Contextualization: A Panel Discussion Brad Gill (Moderator)
Grace and Truth: Toward Christlike Relationships with Muslims: An Exposition
(Web Only) Grace and Truth Affirmation
Book Reviews
In Others' Words

Volume 26:3 - Back to the Future: Preparing for Impact
From the Editorís Desk Rory Clark
Always Looking for the Next Frontier: A Tribute IJFM Editorial Staff
Fruitful Practices: A Descriptive List Edited by Don Allen et al.
Scripture in an Accessible Form: The Most Common Avenue to Increased Scripture Engagement T. Wayne Dye
Impacting the Hindu Diaspora in North America Timothy Paul
Through the Kaleidoscope: Animism, Contextualization, and the Atonement Alan B. Howell
Tokyo 2010: A Global Mission Consultation and Celebration
Book Reviews & Notes
In Others' Words

Volume 26:2 - Fruitful Practies, Frontier Mission, and a Life Well Lived
From the Editorís Desk Rory Clark
Renowned Strategist Redirected Church's Worldwide Mission Efforts Darrell Dorr
Paradigms and Praxis Part II: Why Are Some Workers Changing Paradigms? Andrea Gray and Leith Gray
Seven Themes of Fruitfulness Eric Adams, Don Allen, and Bob Fish
Early Glimpses of the Atlas of Global Christianity
Like Bright Sunlight: The Benefits of Communicating in Heart Language Rick Brown
(Also in Spanish) Como la luz brillante del sol Rick Brown
(Also in Portuguese) Como a luz do sol Rick Brown
The Eight Conditions of Scripture Engagement: Social and Cultural Factors Necessary for Vernacular Translation to Achieve Maximum Effect T. Wayne Dye
IJFM Web Exclusive: How to Use the Welser Scale T. Wayne Dye
Book Reviews & Notes
In Others' Words

Volume 26:1 - Social Networks: Pathways for the Expansion of Godís Kingdom
From the Editorís Desk Rory Clark
Understanding the Polarization between Fundamentalist and Modernist Mission Ralph D. Winter
Evangelicals and Social Action: YWAM's Adoption of Kingdom Mission Debra Buenting
Paradigms and Practice Part I: Social Networks and Fruitfulness in Church Planting Andrea Gray and Leith Gray
Movements and Contextualization: Is there Really a Correlation? Rick Brown, Bob Fish, John Travis, Eric Adams, and Don Allen
Insider Movements: Honoring God-Given Identity and Community Rebecca Lewis
Toward More Meaningful Interaction: Rethinking How We Articulate Our Faith Bradford Greer
Book Reviews & Notes
In Others' Words
Editorial Reflections Ralph D. Winter
IJFM 2008

Volume 25:4 - The ISFM 2008 Meeting: Thy Kingdom Come
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
The IJFM: Looking Back on the Last Eight Years Ralph D. Winter
IJFM: 2001-2008 Ralph D. Winter
A Fragrance of Life and Death Timothy Paul
Dialogue Without Compromise: Report on the Common Word Workshop and Conference Rick Love
Muslims, Christians and Jesus: Stories of Faith Carl Medearis
From Bandung to Baghdad: A Journey to the Inside Jamie Winship
Part 2: Relational Bible Storying and Scripture Use in Oral Muslim Contexts Jack Colgate
Book Reviews Ralph D. Winter
Editorial Reflections Ralph D. Winter

Volume 25:3 - The Gospel and Its Cultural Clothing
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
A Call for Worldview Transformation Hans M. Weerstra
IJFM: 1993-2000 Hans M. Weerstra
A Muslim Encounters the Gospel of Mark: Theological Implications of Contextual Mismatch Leith and Andrea Gray
Part 1: Relational Bible Storying and Scripture Use in Oral Muslim Contexts Jack Colgate
Resurrecting the Middle Eastern Christ Paul-Gordon Chandler
Relational Evangelism among Muslims: Is There a Better Way? Nabeel T. Jabbour
Christianity Isn't the Way - Jesus is Tim Timmons
Editorial Reflections Ralph D. Winter
Book Notes Ralph D. Winter

Volume 25:2 - Word and Deed: A Century of Polarization?
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
What Were They Thinking?: Two Opportunities, Two Obstacles (IJFM 9:4, 1992) Todd Johnson
Global Diagram 18. Today's Global Human Need World Christian Trends
IJFM: 1989-1992 (Volumes 6-9)
What Makes Mission Christian? Christopher Little
Responses to Christopher Little's "What Makes Mission Christian" Roberston McQuilkin, David Hesselgrave, Paul McKaughan, Steve Hawthorne, Ron Sider, Renť Padilla and Ralph D. Winter
My Response Christopher Little
Christian Mission is Holistic Mark Russell
Re-Contextualization: Restoring the Biblical Message to a Jewish-Israeli Context Gavriel Gefen
Editorial Reflections Ralph D. Winter
(Also in German) Die Wiedereinsetzung der biblischen Botschaft in einen jŁdisch-israelischen Kontext
Gavriel Gefen
(Also in Russian) Ре-контекстуализация: возрождение библейской вести в ее иудейском израильском контексте. Гавриэль Гефен

Volume 25:1 - Celebrating 25 Years of Focus on Frontiers
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
IJFM: Born to Be Wild? Brad Gill, Darrell Dorr
What Were They Thinking?: The First Two IJFM Editorials Gordon Aeschliman, Brad Gill
Reclaiming the M-Word: The Legacy of Missions in Non-Western Societies Robert D. Woodberry
What's in a Name? The Baggage of Terminology in Contemporary Mission Herbert Hoefer
Blessing the Nations in the 21st Century: A 3D Approach to Apostolic Ministry Rick Love
Living with Ill-Defined Words: A Response to Herbert Hoefer and Rick Love Ralph D. Winter
Responding to "A Common Word": WWJD? Rebecca Lewis
Why I Signed the Yale Response to "A Common Word between Us and You Rick Love
The Bad Scientist Jesse Bjoraker
Book Reviews Ralph D. Winter
Editorial Reflections Ralph D. Winter
Letters to the Editor

Volume 24:4 - The 2007 ISFM Meeting AND a Spectular Event!
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
From "Krishna Bhakti" to "Christianity" to "Krista Bhakti" Raghav Krishna
Bridging the Gap between Western Workers and India's Hindus Ryan Stevens
Community Dynamis in India and the Praxis of "Church" H. L. Richard
Why Local Arts are Central to Mission Brian Schrag
"A Common Word between Us and You"
Loving God and Neighbor Together: A Christian Response to "A Common Word Between Us and You"
Harold W. Attridge, Miroslav Volf, Joseph Cumming, Emilie M. Townes
Book Reviews Ralph D. Winter
Editorial Reflections Ralph D. Winter

Volume 24:3 - Global Issues as Seen in the Hindu Context
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
A Brief Investigation of Old Testament Precursors to the Pauline Missiological Model of Cultural Adaptation Brian K. Petersen
Rooted or Uprooted: The Necessity of Contextualization in Missions Herbert Hoefer
Religious Movements in Hindu Social Contexts H. L. Richard
Aradhna: From Comfort to Discomfort, from Church to Temple Chris Hale
Rethinking Caste: A Review of Gupta's Caste in Question: Identity or Hierarchy? Dayanand Bharati
Letters to the Editor
Book Reviews Ralph D. Winter
Excerpts from Hinduism: A Brief Look at Theology, History, Scriptures, and Social System with Comments on
the Gospel in India
H. L. Richard
Editorial Reflections Ralph D. Winter

Volume 24:2 - Insider Movements: The Conversation Continues
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
A Response to My Respondents Gary Corwin
Do the Roots Affect the Fruits? L.D. Waterman
Biblical Muslims Rick Brown
Promoting Movements to Christ within Natural Communities Rebecca Lewis
Insider Movements in the Gospels and Acts John Ridgway
The Possibility of a "Hindu Christ-Follower": Hans Staffner's Proposal for the Dual Identity of Disciples of Christ within High Caste Hindu Communities Brian K. Petersen
Indigenous Expressions of Biblical Faith Gavriel Gefen
(Also in Swedish) Ursprungliga uttryck av biblisk tro Gavriel Gefen
(Also in Japanese) Indigenous Expressions of Biblical Faith Gavriel Gefen
(Also in Portuguese) Expressűes Indigena da Fť BŪblica Gavriel Gefen
(Also in Dutch) Inheemse Uitingen van Bijbels Geloof Door Gavriel Gefen
(Also in French) La foi biblique exprimťe par les autochtones Gavriel Gefen
Book Notes Ralph D. Winter
Editorial Reflections Ralph D. Winter
*Web Only* Foreigners, Pharisees and Foreskins: The Controversy Over Changing "Community Identity" in the Book of Acts Brian K. Petersen

Volume 24:1 - The Jerusalem Council: Descriptive or Prediction?
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
A Humble Appeal to C5/Insider Movement Muslim Ministry Advocates to Consider Ten Questions Gary Corwin
To the Muslim I Became a Muslim? J. Dudley Woodberry
Acts 15 and Insider Movements among Muslims: Questions, Process, and Conclusions Kevin Higgins
Brother Jacob and Master Isaac: How One Insider Movement Began Rick Brown
Book Notes Ralph D. Winter
Editorial Reflections Ralph D. Winter

Volume 23:4
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
MK Problems, MK Solutions Ralph D. Winter
Is the Mission Field Right for Adult Missionary Kids? Larry Sharp
To Recruit or Not to Recruit Adult Missionary Kids: Is that (Really) the Questions? Rosalea Cameron
Is There a Place for Biculturals in Missions? Chong Kim
The Anxious Climate of Concern for Missionary Children Ted Ward
Allah in Translations of the Bible Kenneth J. Thomas
A Response to Ralph Winter's "What No One is Saying about the Palestine Gridlock" Bill Bjoraker
Book Notes Ralph Winter
Editorial Reflections Ralph Winter

Volume 23:3
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
Muslim Worldviews and the Bible: Bridges and Barriers (Part III: Women, Purity, Worship and Ethics) Rick Brown
Followers of Jesus (Isa) in Islamic Mosques Timothy C. Tennent
Identity, Integrity and Insider Movements Kevin Higgins
Four Responses to Tennent John Travis, Phil Parshall, Herbert Hoefer, Rebecca Lewis
Contextualization without Syncretism Rick Brown
Book Reviews

Volume 23:2
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
Muslim Worldviews and the Bible: Bridges and Barriers (Part II: Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Age to Come) Rick Brown
Bibliography for Muslim Worldviews and the Bible, Rick Brown
Storying for Urban Dwellers: Evangelism via Film Discussion Groups Edward Smither
Working with Colleagues from Other Faith Traditions Tim James
The Emmaus-Medina Intertextual Connection: Contextualizing the Presentation of God's Word Brad Williams
Producing and Using Meaningful Translations of the Taurat, Zabur and Injil John Travis
(Also in Turkish) Anlasilir Ceviri John Travis
Who is "Allah"? Rick Brown
(Also in German) Wer ist Allah Rick Brown
Book Reviews
Editorial Reflections

Volume 23:1
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
Muslim Worldviews and the Bible: Bridges and Barriers (Part I: God and Mankind) Rick Brown
Bibliography for Muslim Worldviews and the Bible, Rick Brown
Losing Faith Anonymous
Another Reformation on the Horizon Chong Kim
The Challenge for Koreans and Americans Together Ralph D. Winter
Book Reviews
Editorial Reflections

Volume 22:4
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
ISLCFM News: The Nexus Role of the ISLCFM   Emily Lewis
ISFM News: ISFM Shakes the Rockies Mack Harling
Part II: Translating the Biblical Term 'Son(s) of God' in Muslim Contexts Rick Brown
(Also in French) Fils de Dieu Rick Brown
How Shall They Believe Detlef Bloecher
Response to Detlef Bloecher's How Shall They Believe? Todd Johnson
Introducing the Korean Journal of Frontier Missions Rory Clark
What are Mission Frontiers? Ralph D. Winter
De-Westernizing Doctrine and Developing Appropriate Theology in Mission
Mack Harling
Nomadic Ministries Called for 2006 Malcolm Hunter
Book Reviews
Editorial Reflections

Volume 22:3 The ISLCFM: Back to the Future
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
The International Student Leaders Coalition for Frontier Missions: A New Generation?   Emily Lewis
Intergenerational Fusion: An Interview with Brad Gill Kevin B.
Part I: Explaining the Biblical Term 'Son(s) of God' in Muslim Contexts 
Rick Brown
Proclaiming a "Theologyless" Christ   Herbert Hoefer
Response to Herbert Hoefer's Proclaiming a "Theologyless" Christ   Charles H. Kraft
When Business Can Be Mission: Where Both Business and Mission Fall Short Ralph D. Winter
Book Notes
Editorial Reflections

Volume 22:2 Special Strategies for Small Language Groups Part II
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
Proposing an Alternative Initial Strategy for Small Language Groups in the Pacific Karl Franklin
Riding the Waves Doug Williams
The Devastating Role of Cultural Bigotry in our Outreach to Hindus DD Pani
Growing up with the Bible Ralph D. Winter
Book Review
Editorial Reflections

Volume 22:1 Special Strategies for Small Language Groups
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
Letters to the Editor
Re-thinking Stories Karl Franklin
Internationalization or "Anglonization" of Missions Federico A. Bertuzzi
Principles of Cross-Cultural/Ethnic Ministry Herbert Hoefer
Olive Branches Jesse Bjoraker
Book Review: Maps of Time Ralph D. Winter
Book Review: Changing Church and The Second Reformation Herbert Hoefer
Editorial Reflections

Volume 21:4 Proceedings of the ISFM 2004 Meeting: Insider Movements
From the Editorís Desk Ralph D. Winter
Letters to the Editor
The Kiss of Zeal and Knowledge: A Student Participant's View Kelley K. Woolf
Underground Church Movements: The Surprising Role of Women's Networks
Rebecca Lewis
The Key to Insider Movements: The "Devoted's" of Acts Kevin Higgins
Church Planting Movements vs Insider Movements David Garrison
The Most Precarious Mission Frontier Ralph D. Winter
How to Make Oral Communication More Effective Rick Brown
(Also in Spanish) Como Hacer Mas Efectiva la Comunicacion Oral Rick Brown
Book Reviews
Editorial Reflections

Volume 21:3 Jewish Believers and World Evangelization
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Letters to the Editor
Restoring Mission from Israel to the Nations, Gavriel Gefen
(Also in Swedish) Ňteruppršttandet av missionsarbetet frŚn Israel till všrldens lšnder Av Gavriel Gefen
(Also in Spanish) Restaurando la Misiůn de Israel a las Naciones Por Gavriel Gefen
(Also in Portuguese) Restaurando a Miss„o de Israel ŗs NaÁűes por Gavriel Gefen
(Also in Korean) Restoring Mission from Israel to the Nations, Gavriel Gefen
(Also in German) Wiederherstellung der Mission von Israel aus zu den Nationen Von Gavriel Gefen
(Also in French) Restaurer la Mission díIsrael vers les Nations
"To the Jew First..." The Meaning of Jewish Priority
in World Evangelism
, Bill Bjoraker
"Church Planting Movements" the next wave? , David Garrison
Communicating God's Message in an Oral Culture, Rick Brown
(Also in Spanish) Comunicando el Mensaje de Dios en una Cultura Oral, Rick Brown
Book Review- Church Planting Movements. Ralph D. Winter
Editorial Reflections

Volume 21:2 Islam, Once a Hopeless Frontier, Now?
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Letters to the Editor
Part: II Living like Jesus: A Torah Observant Jew Joshua Massey
Strategizing for Church Planting Movements in the Muslim World Rebecca Lewis
Part: II Anthropology and Mission: The Incarnational Connection Darrell L. Whiteman
Book Review: His Brother's Keeper Ralph D. Winter
Book Review: The DaVinci Code Ralph D. Winter
Book Review: The Purpose Driven Life Ralph D. Winter
Editorial Reflections

Volume 21:1 Islam, Once a Hopeless Frontier, Now?
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Guest Editor's Page Harley Talman
Comprehensive Contextualization Harley Talman
Part: 1 Living like Jesus: A Torah Observant Jew Joshua Massey
The Tragic Failure of Britain's Evangelical Awakening Jonathan W. Rice
How Short-Term Missions Can Go Wrong Glenn Schwartz
Part:1 Anthropology and Mission: The Incarnational Connection Darrell L. Whiteman

Volume 20:4 The Religion of Science: The Largest Remaining Frontier
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Can an Evangelical Believe in Evolution? Francis Collins
Where Darwin Scores Higher than Intelligent Design Ralph D. Winter
Why Exporting the Age of the Earth Controversy is a Bad Idea Ted Cabal
Defusing the Creation Controversy Dean Ohlman
Eleven Frontiers of Perspective (7-11) Ralph D. Winter
Letters to the Editor (New)

Volume 20:3 Eleven Frontiers of Mission
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Pitfalls of Western-Created Leadership Training in Russia Mark Harris
The Largest Stumbling Block to Leadership Development in the Global Church Ralph D. Winter
New Evangelical Universities: Cogs in a World System, or players in a New Game? Joel Carpenter
Eleven Frontiers of Perspective Ralph D. Winter

Volume 20:2 The "Third Call" for Global Networking
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
An Appeal to Disciples Everywhere A.T Pierson
The Granddaddy Meeting Kenneth Latourette
1980 and That Certain Elite Ralph D. Winter
Precarious Milestones to 1980 Ralph D. Winter
The Case for a Global Inter-Missions Network Patrick Johnstone
Part 1: New Evangelical Universities: Cogs in a World System, or Players in a New Game? Joel Carpenter
Christian Universities as a Mission Strategy: Recovering the Lost Vision Paul Scotchmer

Volume 20:1 Strategizing to Reach the Unreached
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
A Report on Singapore 2002 Greg Parsons
The Rise and Fall of the IMC-And Today Ralph D. Winter
The Omega Connection Malcolm Hunter
Communicating Christ through Oral Tradition James Bowman
Communication Bridges to Oral Cultures S. Devasahayam Ponraj & Chandon K. Sah

Volume 19:4 Advancing Strategies of Closure
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Advancing Strategies of Closure Greg Parsons
From Mission to Evangelism to Mission Ralph D. Winter
Counting the Cost to Closure or What about the Nomadic Peoples? Ralph D. Winter
A Vision and a Venture K. Rajendran
Finishing the Task the Unreached Peoples Challenge Ralph D. Winter and Bruce A. Koch
Counting up to Closure: Some Preliminary Ideas on a 21st Century Approach to Reaching All Peoples Todd M. Johnson
Centers for World Mission: Echos from Singapore 1988 Darrell Dorr

Volume 19:3 Gospel Ferment in India Among Both Hindus and Christians
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Gospel Ferment in India among both Hindus and Christians H.L Richard
Rethinking "Rethinking" H.L Richard
Seeking India's Christ-Bearing Word Richard Fox Young
Bishop J. Waskom Pickett's Rethinking on 1930's Mission India Art McPhee
Jesus, My Mater: "Jesu Bhakta" Hindu Christian Theology Herbert Hoefer
The Strange Structure of Mission Agencies Robert Blincoe
Back Volumes

Volume 19:2 The First Foot Forward in Scripture Selection
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
How Denominational and Mission Agency Offices Can Often Do more by Doing Less Bob Blincoe
Selecting and Using Scripture Portions Effectively in Frontier Missions Rick Brown
(Also in Spanish) Seleccionando y Usando Porciones Biblicas Efectivamente en Misiones de Avanzada, Rick Brown
Snowflakes: the Common Ground of God's Wisdom Rick Leatherwood
Shamanism and the Origin of Evil Levi DeCarvalho

Volume 19:1 The Strange Structure of Mission Agencies
From the Editor's Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Still Two Structures After all These Years Bob Blincoe
Missions in Cyberspace John Edminston
Presenting the Deity of Christ from the Bible Rick Brown
Nomads to the Rescue! Malcolm Hunter
Priscilla and Aquila Mans Ramstad

Volume 18:4 Lessons from India
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Lessons from India, Jamie Bean
A Survey of Disciples of Christ from Non-Dalit Hindu Homes, P. and S. Kannan
Dusty Sandals on the Ganges: Experiences along India's Most Holy River, Rob Sinclair
Dharma and Christianity according to Chaturvedi Badrinath, Dayanand Bharati
Conversion or Regeneration: A Brief Discussion, Pradip Ayer
The Contextual Christian: Channappa D. Uttangi, Brad Beaman
A Brahmin's Pilgrimage in Christ: Lessons from N.V. Tilak,
H. L. Richard
Brahabandhab Upadhyay and the Failure of Hindu Christianity, Madhusudhan Rao
Field-Governed Mission Structures in the Bible and throughout the Centuries, Joseph and Michelle C.

Volume 18:3 Field Governed Mission Structures/Frontier Missions and Beyond (II)
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Part III: Ricci, Joseph and Michele C.
Part IV: Carey, Joseph and Michele C.
Frontier Missions and Beyond: An Emerging Paradigm, Alan Johnson
Part III: Critical Analysis, Alan Johnson
Part IV: Core Contributors, Alan Johnson
What's Wrong with the Label "Managerial Missiology"
, Levi De Carvalho

Volume 18:2 Field-Governed Mission Structures/Frontier Missions and Beyond (I)
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Issue I: Field Governed Mission Structures
, Joseph and Michele C.
Part I: In the New Testament, Joseph and Michele C.
Supplementary Comments, David Devenish
Part II: Patrick of Ireland, Joseph and Michele C.
Issue II : Frontier Missions and Beyond, Alan Johnson
Part I: Frontier Mission Movement's Understanding, Alan Johnson
Part II: Major Concepts of the Frontier Mission Movement, Alan Johnson
Issue III: Christian Health Care and Holistic Mission, Tetsunao Yamamori

Volume 18:1 Evangelical Neo-Marxism in India?
From the Editorís Desk, Ralph D. Winter
Guest Editorís Page, D. M. Burke
Why Are Christians Persecuted in India? Roots, Reasons, Responses, Herbert Hoefer
The Dalit Situation in India Today, John C. B. Webster
An Indian Constantine? Vishal Mangalwadi
Fatal Hindu Gospel Stumbling Blocks, D. D. Pani
Submission to Oppression in India: Lessons from History, D. D. Pani
Renewing the Call to Reach the Hindu World, Institute of Hindu Studies
Message to the West: India Needs You!, Satya Shodhak
The Conversion Confusion. Herbert Hoefer
Between September 11 and November 4, H. L. Richard

Volume 17:4 Islam IV
Discipling All Muslim People in the Twenty-First Century, Rick Love
What Must One Believe about Jesus for Salvation?, Rick Brown
The Spirit-first Approach to Muslim Evangelism, S.P. Steinhaus
May Puritix: Praying Into Smoking Oil, Elizabeth Brooks
The Prince of Egypt, Roland Thomas

Volume 17:3 Nomadic Peoples II
The Need for a Nomadic Theology (Part III), David J. Phillips
The Nomadic Church, Malcolm Hunter
Strategy for Mission Among the Fulbe (Part I), Larry Vanderaa
Ministering Among the Fulbe, Phil and Marion Grasham
The Fulbe/Fulani: Who Are They?, David J. Phillips
The Colorful Kaleidoscope of Peripatetics, David J. Phillips
Romany Origins and Migration Patterns, Donald Kendrick
Factors in Training Workers for Nomadic Peoples, David J. Phillips
The Nomadic Church Takes Off, Malcolm Hunter
Strategy for Mission Among the Fulbe (Part II), Larry Vanderaa

Volume 17:2 Nomadic Peoples I
Editorial: Reaching the Last Frontier, Malcolm Hunter and Hans Weerstra
Peoples on the Move... Towards Christ, David J. Phillips
Think Nomadic, Malcolm Hunter
The Dom of the Middle East, Allen Williams
Contextualizing the Message to Nomadic Pastoralist, Malcolm Hunter
The Need for a Nomadic Theology (Part I), David J. Phillips
The Need for a Nomadic Theology (Part II), David J. Phillips
The Nenets of Siberia, Egil Ronningstad Mission to Nomads: The Need for a Better Strategy, Malcolm Hunter

Volume 17:1 Muslim Contextualization I
Editorial, Joshua Massey
God's Amazing Diversity in Drawing Muslims to Christ, Joshua Massey
Should Muslims Become "Christians"?, Bernard Dutch
Jesus in Samaria: A Paradigm for Church Planting Among Muslims, Stuart Caldwell
First-Century Jews and Twentieth-Century Muslims, Richard Jameson and Nick Scalevich
The "Son of God"-Understanding the Messia
nic Titles of Jesus, Rick Brown
(Also in Turkish) Allah'in Oglu, Rick Brown
Messianic Muslim Followers of Isa, John Travis
The Ishmael Promise and Contextualization Among Muslims, Jonathan Culver

Volume 16:4 De-Westernizing the Gospel
Releasing the Gospel from Western Bondage, Jonathan Campbell
Responding to Split-level Christianity and Folk Religion, Paul Hiebert,Daniel Shaw and Tite Tienou
Apostolic Service: The Mystery of Priestliness (Part I), Art Katz
Millennium Missiology: The Use of "Egyptian Gold, David J. Hesselgrave
Comparing Modern-day Alternatives to Biblical Conversion, David F. Wells
Apostolic Service: The Mystery of Priestliness (Part II), Art Katz
New Commitments at the Beginning of the New Millennium, Irving A. Whitt

Volume 16:3 Mission Paradigm Shifts
Paradigm Shifts in World Missions, Luis Bush
Evangelical Missions and the Decentering of Conviction, Irving A. Whitt
De-westernizing the Gospel: Recovery of a Biblical Worldview, Hans M.Weerstra
Rediscovering the Sacred Myth, Judy Weerstra
Why I Am a Christian, Warren F. Larson
Moving Beyond Internationalizing the Mission Force, J. David Lundy
The Straight Line: A New Paradigm in World Missions, Eric Watt
The Watchword in World Missions, Jay Gary and Todd Johnson

Volume 16:2 AD2000: Completing the Task
The Consummation: The Vision to be Realized, Patrick Johnstone
Finishing the Task: The Unreached Peoples Challenge, Ralph D.Winter and Bruce A. Koch
Completing the Agenda of History, Malcolm Hunter
The Consummation: The Crucial Ministries Involved, Patrick Johnstone
The Acts 13 Breakthrough Vision, George Verwer
Resources to Reach the Window: Will the Church Respond?, Beverly Pegues and Luis Bush
Joshua Project 2000 Unreached Peoples List, Joshua Project 2000

Volume 16:1 Y2K and Missions
What's Going to Happen? Assessing Y2K for Missions, Pete Holzmann
The Millennium Bug: Missions Response, Grace Wiebe
Understanding Y2K: A Programmer's Assessment, Michael Goodfellow
Reasonable Best and Worst Case Scenarios , Michael Goodfellow
The Spiritual Dimension: Isaiah Addresses Y2K, Babel 2000 Group
Missions and the Millennium Bug: WEC Report, Jason Mandryck
The Y2K Computer Problem: YWAM Report, YWAM Global Leadership

Volume 15:4 Spiritual Warfare II
Spiritual Power to Change our World, Patrick Johnstone
Recognizing and Defeating the Powers of Darkness, George Otis, Jr.
The Parsee: Liberating an Unreached People by Prayer and Fasting, Kaezad Dadachanjee
Overcoming Spiritual Resistance that Brings Transformation, John D. Robb
Beyond the Four Spiritual Laws, Dean O. Michell
Community Transformation Through United and Persevering Prayer, George Otis, Jr.
Praying for the Lost in the 10/40 Window, Billy Joe Daugherty
Spiritual Breakthrough in Turkey, Editors of Religion Today

Volume 15:3 New Religious Movements
New Religious Movements and our Mission Responsibility, Gordon R. Lewis
The Tajik of Afghanistan-World Evangelization Research Center
New Religious Movements: An Historical Overview, Bryce A. Pettit
From Enlightenment to Endarkenment, Vishal Mangalwadi
Hidden in Plain Sight: The Mission Challenge of NRMs, Everett Shrophire and John Morehead
The Threat of the Cults on the Mission Fields of the World, Paul Carden
How to Reach a Pagan Modern World, Bill Honsberger
Are You Ready for E-Ministry, Keith Seabourn

Volume 15:2 Tribal Peoples
Animism: The Religion of the Tribal World, Dean C. Halverson
The Basics of Animism: Spiritual Warfare in Tribal Contexts, David Sitton
Topography of a Zambian Storyland, Gary Burlington
Animistic and Western Perspectives of Illness and Healing, Gailyn Van Rheenen
Tribal Church Planter Profile, Bob Strauss
Literacy as a Mission Tool to Reach Tribal Peoples, Stephen J. Barber
Global Implications of Western Education on the Antipolo/Amduntug Ifugao, Tom Steffen
Glossary of Animistic Terms and Resources, David Sitton

Volume 15:1 Tentmaking II
Editorial, Kenneth Smith
Tentmaking and Partnership, Phill Butler
Shrewd yet Innocent: Thoughts on Tentmaking Integrity, Robert Morris
Business Power for God's Purpose, Heinz Suter and Marco Gmur
How Business is Integral to Tentmaking, Dwight Nordstrom and Jim Nielsen
Teaching, Tents and Telling the Good News, Sabrina Wong
Don't Call me a Tentmaker, Gary Taylor
Strategic Impact Through Multiplying Modular Business, David Hagen
The Internet:Tentmaker's Coffeeshop for the Nineties, Doug Lucas
Starting a Business in a Restricted Access Nation, Patrick Lai
Tentmaking and Missions: Reflections on the Brazilian Case, Robson Ramos
COMIBAM: Takeoff Towards AD 2000, Douglas Smith

Volume 14:4 Tribal Peoples I
Editorial, Tom Steffen
The Evangelization of Animists: Power or Truth Encounter?, Douglas Hayward
The Biblical Narrative as Agent for Worldview Change, Don Pederson
Chronological Bible Storying to Tribal and Nomadic Peoples, J. O. Terry
Genesis Teaches Mayan Believers the Character of God, Cynthia Klatt
The Challenge of Reaching Nomadic Pastoralists, Malcolm Hunter
Socialization among the Antipolo/Amduntug Ifugao: Guidelines for Curriculum Development, Tom Steffen
Selected Bibliography for Ministry among Pre-industrialized Peoples, Douglas Hayward

Volume 14:3 Tentmaking I
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
Tentmaking State of the Art, Carol Clarke
The Kumbaran of India, Mission To Unreached Peoples
The Tentmaker's Mandate, David J. Price
The Tentmaking Movement in Historical Perspective, John Cox
The Tentmaker's Vision, Berit Helgoy Kloster
The Vital Role of Tentmaking in Paul's Mission Strategy, Ruth E. Siemens
The Place of the Local Church in Tentmaking, Danny D. Martin
Training: Endurance Food for Serious Tentmakers, Derek Christensen
Successful Tentmaking Depends on Mission Agencies, Christy Wilson, Jr.
Mission Perspective of a Tentmaking Agency, David M. Hupp and Danny D. Martin
Tentmaking in India, E. David Chaldran

Volume 14:2 Worldview II
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
Christian Worldview Development: Part II, Hans M. Weerstra
Biblical Theology and the Analogy of Faith, Daniel P. Fuller
The Parsees: The Oldest Unreached People in the World, IJFM
Worldview, Scripture and Missionary Communication, David J. Hesselgrave
Conversion and Worldview Transformation, Paul G. Hiebert
Towards a Biblical Worldview, Natun Bhattacharya and Tom Eckblad
The Holy Spirit's Role in Biblical Interpretation, Daniel P. Fuller
Worldview and Discipling the Nations, Darrow L. Miller

Volume 14:1 Worldview I
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
Christian Worldview Development, Hans M. Weerstra
One's Future in Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam, Daniel P. Fuller
Yahweh and the Gods: A Theology of World Religions, Ed Mathew
The Theology of Culture: Desecularizing Anthropology, Gailyn Van Rheenen
Christianity and the Religions in the History of the Church, James F. Lewis

Volume 13:4 Islam III
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
The Apostle to Islam: The Legacy of Samuel Zwemer, J. Christy Wilson, Jr.
Contextualization Among Muslims: Reusing Common Pillars, J. Dudley Woodberry
Critical Contextualization and Muslim Conversion, Warren Larson
Power Encounter Among Folk Muslims, Richard D. Love
A Muslim's Journey to Salvation, Sultan Muhammad Paul
Resources for Sharing with Muslims, Ernest Hahn

Volume 13:3 Islam II
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
Christian Witness to our Muslim Friends, Lyle VanderWerff
Declaration on Christian Attitudes Towards Muslims, AIMS
When Failure is our Teacher: Lessons from Missions to Muslims, J. Dudley Woodberry
The Muslim Concept of Surrender to God, Mark Nygard
The Great Muslim Challenge: Learning from their Dedication, J. Christy Wilson, Jr.
Church Planting that Includes Muslim Women, Fran Love
Planting the Church Underground in Muslim Contexts, Joshua Massey
Islam and Human Rights, David Bentley

Volume 13:2 Completing the Task
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
Thy Kingdom Come: An Analysis of a Vision, Ralph D. Winter
The Unfinished Task: It Can be Done, Luis Bush
Measured by the Master's Piece, David Hesselgrave
To the Final Frontiers, Scott Grandi
The Joshua Project Research Survey, John Robb
Research, Profiles, Prayer and Church Planting for Unreached Peoples, David Robinson
The Unreached Peoples List, Joshua Project 2000

Volume 13:1 Biblical Mandate
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
The Great Commission in the Old Testament, Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.
All the Clans, All the Peoples, Richard Showalter
The Supremacy of God Among all the Nations, John Piper
Challenging the Church to World Missions, David Hesselgrave
Biblical Foundations for Missions: Seven Basic Lessons, Thomas Schirmacher
Seeing the Big Picture, Ralph D. Winter
Melchizedek and Abraham Walk Together in World Missions, W. Douglas Smith, Jr.
The Biblical Basis and Priority for Frontier Missions, William O'Brien

Volume 12:4 Mission Member Care
Stephanas: A New Testament Example of Frontier Member Care, Jeffrey S. Ellis
Avoiding Pitfalls on Multinational Frontier Teams, Yong Joong Cho and David Greenlee
Foxes, Giants and Wolves, Kelly O'Donnell and Michelle L. O'Donnell
Short-term Counseling on the Frontiers, Leonard J. Cerny II and David S. Smith
Struggles of Latin Americans in Frontier Missions, Pablo Carrillo
From Rhetoric to Reality, Kelly O'Donnell
Reflections on Pastoral Care in Frontiers, Greg Livingstone
Written Resources for Member Care, Kelly O'Donnell and Gerald Reddix

Volume 12:3 Contextualization
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
Contextualization that is Authentic and Relevant, David J. Hesselgrave
The Human Universals of Culture: Implications for Contextualization, A. Scott Moreau
Christian History in Cross-cultural Perspective, Ralph D. Winter
Measuring Contextualization in Church and Missions, Douglas Hayward
Great Commission Contextualization, David J. Hesselgrave
Contextualizing the Message Through Use of Case Studies, Paul J. Fritz
Contextualizing the Power and the Glory, R. Daniel Shaw
Should Christians Pray the Muslim Salat?, Warren C. Chastain

Volume 12:2 Reaching Non-Literate Peoples
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
Dependence on Literacy Strategy, Herb V. Klem
The Crucial Role of Oral-Scripture, Gilbert Ansre
The Emergence of Audio-Scripture in Church and Mission, Viggo Sogaard
Audio-Communications and the Progress of the Gospel, Allan Starling
Was Jesus a Zairian?, Paul D. Dyer
The Role of the O.T. In Evangelism, Don Pederson
Storying the Storybook to Tribals, Tom A. Steffen

Volume 12:1 Adopt-A-People
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
When Theology, Missiology, and Futurology Clash, Frank Kaleb Jansen
A Strategy for Loving the Peoples of the World, Stan Yoder
The Pushtun, Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse
Reflections on the AAP Concept and Clearinghouse, Darrell R. Dorr
Intercession and World Evangelization, Terry Riley
Lion of Judah on the Move in Tibet, Carla Brewington
The Khalkha Mongolians, Foreign Mission Board, SBC
The Lost Coin: A Call to Intercession for the Unreached
From Adoption to Engagement, Steve Moore
Choosing a People Group, Bob Binkley and AAPC Staff
AAP and the Two-Thirds World Mission Movement, Larry Pate
Integrating the AAP Emphasis into the Local Church, Bruce K. Camp
Skylineís Journey: Adopting a People in Croatia, Timothy Elmore
A New Peoples Profile Software, Marvin Bowers

Volume 11:4 World Evangelization
Key Volumes for World Evangelization, Thomas Wang
A Church of Every People by the Year 2,000, Luis Bush
The Thai: A People Still Unreached, Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse
Global Consultation on World Evangelization, Luis Bush
New Wine in New Wineskins, Frank Kaleb Jansen
AD 2000 and the Global Consultation on World Evangelization '95, Phill Butler
United Prayer Track: Tooling for Global Impact, Jack L. Dennison
The Ethnolinguistic Reality, Ralph D. Winter
The Great Muslim Challenge, J. Christy Wilson Jr.
Vital Links in World Evangelization, Ian M. Hay
Assessment of the World's Peoples and Languages, Ron Rowland
World Evangelization Assessment: A Paradigm Shift for the '90s, Pete Holzmann
Unreached Peoples Resource Network, Patrick Johnstone and John Robb

Volume 11:3 Church in Missions*
Trends Affecting Mobilization of the North American Church, Bill Waldrop
The Turkman: An Unreached People, Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse
Mobilizing Boomers and Busters for World Evangelization, Paul Borthwick
The Boomer Generation: For Such a Time as This, Judy L. Weerstra
Major Paradigm Shifts in World Evangelization, Bruce K. Camp
Building the Home-Base for Global Outreach, Howard Foltz
Seven Dynamics for Advancing Your Church in Missions, Larry Walker
Church-Mission Partnerships Reaching the Last Frontiers, Edwin S. Walker
Mobilizing Churches for Frontier Missions, George Miley
Vision: The Primary Ingredient for Mission Mobilization, E . David Dougherty and David Mays
Funding Missions: The Challenge of the 90s, Douglas Christgau
The Church's Primary Role in Training for the Frontiers, Gary R. Corwin
*Note: Church in Missions is essentially out of print but is available in unbound articles.

Volume 11:2 Islam I*
Undergirding the Effort with Prayer, J. Christy Wilson, Jr.
Uzbekistan: Life Amidst Death, Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse
Ongoing Strategy Debate in Muslim Missions, Robert C. Douglas
Mission Lessons from History, Lyle VanderWerff
Islamic Fundamentalism: Implications for Missions, Nabeel T. Jabbour
Church Planting Among Folk Muslims, Richard D. Love
Gospel Communication from Within, Patrick O. Cate
What's Happening Among Muslims Today, Don McCurry
Islam in the West- U.S.A., Richard P. Bailey
*Note: Islam I is out of print but is available in unbound articles.

Volume 11:1 Training for the Frontiers *
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra,
To Whom are we Listening?, David Hesselgrave
The Fulani: A People who Need our Prayers, Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse
Key Frontier Mission Concepts for Training, A. Leonard Tuggy
Evaluating Goals for Training, Ralph D. Winter
The Seriousness of the Task, Panya Baba
Training Latins for the Muslim World, Pedro Carrasco
Training for the Frontiers, Gary R. Corwin
*Note: The Training edition is out of print but is available in unbound articles.

Volume 10:4 Spiritual Warfare I
Editorial, Hans M. Weerstra
World View Clash: A Handbook for Spiritual Warfare, Edward F. Murphy
Animism, Secularism and Theism: Developing a Tripartite Model, Gailyn Van Rheenen
Satan's Tactics for Building and Maintaining His Kingdom of Darkness, John Robb
Power Encounter: Toward an SIM Position, Howard Brant
Intercessors and Cosmic Urban Spiritual Warfare, Viv Grigg
Prayer Profile: The Bihari of India, Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse
Spiritual Warfare: Should it be Included in a Mission Curriculum? Charles Laughlin
Reflections on the Adopt-A-People Consultation II, Frank Kaleb Jansen
AAPC Consultation: A Second Reflection, E. David Dougherty

Volume 10:3 Buddhism
Theme Editorial: Christian Mission to Buddhists,
James C Stephens
Taking the High Places for God, Paul Wagner
Karma and Christ: Opening Our Eyes to the Buddhist World, Tissa Weerasingha
Looking at Buddhist America: A Key to World Evangelization, James C. Stephens
Insights for Frontier Missions to Therevada Buddhists, Alex G. Smith
Buddhism and the Gospel Among the Peoples of China, Ralph Covell
Reaching Japanese Buddhists: Where do We Start if We Want to do Better?, David Hesselgrave

Volume 10:2
Editorial: Education--A Key to Frontier Mission Advance, Richard A. Cotton
The Pastor and Modern Missions, John R. Mott
The Changing Role of the U.S. Church in World Evangelization, Luis Bush
The Twelve Apostles: Models for Frontier Missions? Harold Dollar
The Fate of the Unreached, Jack Cottrell and Steve E. Burris
Missiological Education for Lay People, Ralph D. Winter
Profiling the Latin American Missionary, Jonathan P. Lewis
Global People Profiles: The Somali, The Lampungese, and The Tajik, WERC

Volume 10:1 Special Edition: Report of the 1992 ISFM Annual Meeting
Editorial: In Pursuit of the Vision, Hans Weerstra
Finishing the Task: The Vision of the ISFM, Greg H. Parsons
One Agency's Contribution to Reaching Unreached Peoples, Richard Winchell
The IFMA and Frontier Missions, Edwin Frizen
A Missionary Hermeneutic, David J. Hesselgrave
How Can All Peoples Be Reached by the Year 2000, Luis Bush
In Pursuit of Good Communications in Frontier Missions, Todd M. Johnson
Unreached, Least Evangelized and Adoptable Peoples, Frank Kaleb Jansen
People Profiles: The Kazakhs of Kazakhstan and the Susu of Guinea and Sierra Leone, AAPC
Report on the Evangelical Missiological Society, Michael Pocock
Global People Profile: Susu
Global People Profile: Kazakh

Volume 9:4
Editorial: Two Opportunities, Two Obstacles, Todd M. Johnson
In Pursuit of Good Communication in Mission, Gary R. Corwin
The Glass Ceiling: Discrimination in Frontier Missions?, Nanci Hogan & Stacy Sells
His Name is Wonderful, Curt Chanda
Humanitarianism with a Point, John L. Amstutz
Ethnoscan: a New Series of 2,000 Global People Profiles, David B. Barrett

Volume 9:3
Editorial: The Environment and Evangelization, Todd M. Johnson
The Supremacy of God Among "All the Nations", John Piper
Mission to the Nations, Hans Weerstra
Love 'em and Leave 'em, Hans Finzel
An Agenda for Member Care in Frontier Missions, Kelly O'Donnell

Volume 9:2
Editorial: True Balance in Mission, Todd M. Johnson
The Use of Foreign Financed National Christian Workers, Robert Smith
The Academic Dilemma of the Frontier Mission Educator, Stephen E. Burris
A New Model for Missions, V. David Garrison
Quantifying the Global Distribution of Evangelism and Evangelization, David B. Barrett

Volume 9:1
Guest Editorial: The Face of Missiological Societies, Greg Parsons
Just Where are the Frontiers? Gary Corwin
Where are the Frontiers?: a response, Ted Elder
Defining the Frontiers: a response, Ralph Winter
Where are the Frontiers? Discussion
Translating Research into Strategy, John Robb
4,000 Freestanding, Standalone Monoliths, David Barrett

Volume 8:4
Editorial: Are the Pioneers Enough? Todd M. Johnson
The Integration of Development and Evangelism, James W. Gustafson
Contextualizing Needs Assessment for Third-World Missionary Training, Jonathan P. Lewis
New Mission Structures, Eric Adams and Tim Lewis
Global People Profile: The Kashmiris of India, Alim Jabbar Khan
When Feelings Bend Statistics, Ralph D. Winter
The Effectiveness of the Nonresidential Missionary, Michele S. Philemon
Actual and Potential Resource Countries for World Evangelization, David B. Barrett

Volume 8:3
Editorial: An Encyclical and the Obstacle of Innumeracy, Todd M. Johnson
Redemptoris Missio, John Paul II
Reflections on Redemptoris Missio, Patrick Johnstone, George Kurian, Julie Frericks, Michael Harper, William O'Brien, Vinson Synan, Peter Steinfels, Paul Filidis, Ralph Winter, John Mbiti, Gary Corwin, Tad de Bordenave, and International Fides Service
Visualizing Themes in Redemptoris Missio, David B. Barrett

Volume 8:2
Editorial: Another Society? Another Journal? Todd M. Johnson
The Crucial Links in the Frontier Mission Chain, Ralph D. Winter
Global People Profile: The Iraqi Arabs of Iran, Tolliver, amal, & Key
Boomers, Busters, and the Challenge of the Unreached Peoples, Annette Elder
Mobilizing Laborers in the 90's, Ted Elder
Towards the Ideal Deployment of Missionaries, Howard Brant
The Present Status of Frontier Missions, Todd M. Johnson

Volume 8:1
Editorial: The Old Must Become New Once Again, Todd M. Johnson
Discipling the Nations, Floyd McClung Jr.
Reflections on Adopt-a-People, Darrell R. Dorr
Global People Profile, V. David Garrison
Reflections on Spiritual Warfare and Frontier Missions, Robb, Hooper, and Allmon
Prayer as a Strategic Weapon in Frontier Missions, John D. Robb
"Evangelize!" and "Disciple!", Barrett and Johnson

Volume 7:4
An Unexpected New Strategy, V. David Garrison
Global People Profile, V. David Garrison
Adopting Unreached Peoples in the 1990s, Darrell Dorr
Moving Godís People to Strategic Involvement, Caleb Project Staff
The Worldís 251 Countries in Statistics, Barrett and Johnson
Our Globeís 170 Least Evangelized Megapeoples, Barrett and Johnson
Todayís Great Commission, Harvest Force Lausanne Statistics Task Force
Tomorrowís Great Commission Harvest Force, Lausanne Statistics Task Force

Volume 7:3
The Mission of Nikolai Il'Minskii, George Robinson
Global People Profiles, V. David Garrison
Pointing the Way: The Translator's Role in Contextualization, "Bill and Jane"
Quotes from 1890, Top Christian Leaders
Can the World Be Evangelized in Twenty Years? Arthur T. Pierson
An Appeal to Disciples Everywhere, Northfield Committee
To Every Creature, J. Hudson Taylor
The Gospel in the Whole World, J.L Stevens
Today's Resource for World Mission, Lausanne Statistics Task Force

Volume 7:2
People Groups: How Many are Unreached? Patrick Johnstone
"Reached" Without the Scriptures? Barbara F. Grimes
Momentum Building in Global Missions, Ralph D. Winter
The People Group Puzzle, Paul Filidis
Kaleidoscopic Glossary, Global Statistics Task Force
Visualizing the Global Task, Global Statistics Task Force
Global People Profiles, V. David Garrison

Volume 7:1
The Globalization of American Televangelism, Jeffrey K. Hadden
Costa Rican Evangelicals Poised For Mission Advance, Luis Bush
Global Human Need: Introducing a Series of Global Diagrams, Lausanne Statistics Task Force
Students Adopt 23 Unreached Peoples, Boyd W. Morris
Global People Profiles, V. David Garrison
International Society for Frontier Missiology News IJFM
The Mars Declaration, The Planetary Society
Global Strategy for Health for All by the Year 2000, World Health Organization
Global Goals for the 21st Century, Rushworth Kidder
Outlining a Global Action Plan, Lester Brown

Volume 6:1-4
A Kaleidoscopic Global Action Plan, David Barrett, et. al.
Prioritizing the Kaleidoscopic Global Action Plan, Todd Johnson
Unreached Peoples Track Report, Patrick Johnstone and John Robb
World Evangelization by AD 2000, David Hesselgrave
Global Peoples Profiles, David Garrison
Commentary: More Global Plans That Have Emerged in 1989, David Barrett
Great Commission Manifesto, GCOWE
Manila Manifesto: Section 11 Lausanne II
Proposal for a Join Worldwide Movement, Robert Myers
Godís World: Hope for All United Bible Societies
Summary Report from Track Leaders at Lausanne II, John Robb, et. al.

Volume 5:1-4
The Crisis of Missions: The Historical Development of the World Idea of Evangelization of the World by the year 1900, Todd Johnson

Volume 4:1-4
Doing Theology Across Cultures, Larry Caldwell
Contextualization: A New-Old Idea, Todd Johnson
Doing Theology Among Cambodian Refugees, Sheri Kafton
Doing Theology in a Chinese Context, Nancy Porras
Doing Theology Among the Ibanags, Clifford Peters
Doing Theology Among Fillipino Peasant-Farmers, Abigail Ramientos Harootian

Volume 3:1-4
Frontier Missions: Apostleship of the Abnormally Born, David Fraser
Balance in Frontier Missions, Wade Coggins
Adopt-a-People: A Proposal, Robert Coleman and Wesley Tullis
A Growing Global Network of Centers for World Mission, Darrell Dorr
"Homogeneous Networks" in Cities, Timothy Monsma
Unicorns and "Hidden Peoples", Karl Franklin
Momentum is Building!: New Discussion on Completing the Task, Ralph Winter
By the Year 2000: Is God Trying to Tell us Something? Thomas Wang
God's New Envoys, Testunao Yamamori
The Call, John Hersey (reviewed by Alan Gates)

Volume 2:4
Biblical Studies and Frontier Missions, Larry Caldwell
Christology and Missions?, Ralph Winter
Corporate Personality and the Chinese View of Self, Nancy Porras
The Concept of the High God in Traditional Igbo Religion, Mike Bews
Polygamy from Three Perspectives, Claire Meckler
Reaching Buddhists through Old Testament Wisdom Literature, Keith Carey
The Theme of Judgment in Isaiah and the Quran, Carol Wright
Foreign Environments: Training Grounds for Strategic, Ministry Michael Dunne
Old Testament Principles on Reaching the Refugee, Brenda Thompson
The Uighurs of Xinjiang, Abd Al-Hada

Volume 2:3
The U.S. Society for Frontier Missiology, Darrell Dorr
Survey and Possess the Land, John Robb
The Final Era of World Missions, Ralph Winter
African Urban People Groups, Harley Schreck and Timothy Monsma
The African Funeral Ceremony: Stumbling Block or Redemptive Analogy? Don Brown
A People Movement Among the Florida Seminoles, James Buswell III
Habits of the Heart, Robert Bellah (reviewed by Todd Johnson)

Volume 2:2
A Vision of God for the Final Era of Frontier Missions, John Piper
Reaching Behind Closed Doors, Tetsunao Yamamori
The Soviet Caucasus: Challenge and Opportunity, Issachar Frontier Missions Research
Finding Hidden Peoples in the Library, Allan Starling
The Student Volunteers of 1886, Their Heirs, and the Year 2000, Ralph Winter
The Targets for Strategy, C. Peter Wagner
Missions and Theological Education in World Perspective, Harvie M. Conn and Samuel F. Rowen (reviewed by Daniel Bailey)

Volume 2:1
Editorís Note: Messengers, Mission Fields, and Mobilization, Darrell Dorr
Paulís Boast and Godís Glory: Frontier Missions in Romans 15:17-21, Michael McClymond
Mongolia: A Challenge to Action Issachar Frontier Missions Research
Reaching Unreached Peoples: Guidelines and Definitions, Edward Dayton
Mission 2000 : Towards a Strategy of Closure, Ralph Winter
The Committee on the Holy Spirit and Frontier Missions, Gene Adkins
Chinaís Ethnic Minorities: A Bibliography, Ken Shay
Godís Special Envoys, Tetsunao Yamamori
Reaching the Unreached, Harvie Conn (reviewed by Phil Foxwell)

Volume 1:4
Lateral Thinking: Lessons from the Hindu World, Bruce Graham
Evangelical Consultation in India Discusses Caste Asia Theological News
The Sociology Reality of Caste in Kerala, George Samuel
Breaking Caste Barriers in India, Vern Middleton
Caste and the Application of a Missiological Principle, James Buswell III
Facing the Facts: An Interview with Donald McGavran, Bruce Graham
Affirming the Kingdom: An Interview with Samuel Kamaleson, Bruce Graham
Yoga: Five Paths to Salvation in Contemporary Guruism, Vishal Mangalwadi
A Radical New Start for Reaching Indiaís Untouchables, Donald McGavran
The Gospel and our Hindu Neighbors, Vinay Samuel and Chris Sugden (reviewed by Martin Alphonse)

Volume 1:3
Editorís Note: Diversity and Vigor, Darrell Dorr
The A-B-Cs of Missions: Preach, Hear and Believe, David Hesselgrave
Frontier Ferment in the Local Church, John Piper
The Density of the World and the Work of Missions, Michael Pocock
Heís Coming-Whoís Going? Wayne Detzler
Dusting Off the Apostolic Function, Dan Greene
A Giant Step in Christian Mission, Donald McGavran
YWAM and the Frontiers, Todd Johnson
Survey of Resources for China Watchers, Ken Shay
Christianity Rediscovered, Vincent Donovan (reviewed by James Buswell III)
The Bahaíi Faith, William McElwee Miller (reviewed by Warren Chastain)

Volume 1:2
Editorial: A Church for Every People by the Year 2000, Brad Gill
People Groups: Beyond the Push to Reach Them Lie Some Contrary Opinions, James Reapsome
The Article Obscures the Solid Rationale, Sam Wilson
All the Clans, All the Peoples, Richard Showalter
Unreached Peoples: The Development of the Concept, Ralph Winter
The Global Mapping Project, Robert Waymire and Bruce Graham
Computers and Student Mobilization, Robert Coleman
A People Reborn Christian Keysser (reviewed by Donald A. McGavran)

Volume 1:1
Editorial, Gordon Aeschliman
Unreached Peoples, Robert Recker
Agenda for Students in the 80ís, Jay Gary
A Call for a Mission Renewal Movement, Len Bartlotti
New Frontiers: Edinburgh Ď80 to Wheaton Ď83, Ralph Winter
Missionary Communication, Jones Kaleli
Islam Gears up for Action, Warren Chastain
Association Misionera Evangelical a las Naciones, Obed Alvarez
The Last Age of Missions Lawrence Keyes (reviewed by Steve Hawthorne)

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