The Int’l Society for Frontier Missiology 2017 Conference

Grassroots Theology on the Frontiers: Encounter, Interpretation and Response

September 15-17, 2017


Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (Dallas, Texas)

Again this year, the ISFM and the Evangelical Missological Society are joining forces. In conjunction with the EMS theme “Engaging theology, theologians, theological education in (or from) majority world contexts,” ISFM 2017 will focus on dynamics of frontier theologizing.

Over three sessions, Henk Prenger will unfold research and theological analysis just published in his book, Muslim Insider Christ Followers. In the Hindu sphere, Paul Pennington, recent author of Christian Barriers to Jesus, and Darren Duerksen, author of Ecclesial Identities in a Multi-Faith Context, will offer sessions on the ecclesiological perspectives of the emerging movements of India.

William Dyrness, Senior Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Seminary, will give this year’s ISFM plenary address: “What Can We Learn from Grassroots Theology?: Theological Reflections on Recent Insider and Emergent Movements.” Dyrness has penned two recent books on majority world theological developments, Insider Jesus and Theology Without Borders. The ISFM looks forward to interacting with his perspective on what he calls the “hermeneutical space” in which these movements exercise their own theological reflection.

Other sessions will explore Honor/Shame (Kurt Richardson), the latest analysis of unreached peoples (R. Lewis), and the role of the university in the majority world (Kevin Higgins). And we invite you to join us as we discuss future publications in frontier missiology.

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